Gary Matoso

Creative Director, Founder

Gary has worked in and around photography, filmmaking and interactive design for over 25 years. His unique path and mix of professional experiences form much of the impetus behind the vision and creation of Vignette. Gary began his career in a studio in San Francisco, later moving to Paris, France where he worked as a photojournalist shooting internationally for Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, Smithsonian, Le Monde, Liberation, The Sunday Times, and many other publications. In the mid-90’s Gary took an early interest in digital media, producing several groundbreaking web documentaries, notably The Russian Chronicles (Kodak, Sprint, Leica), Too Much Time (Amnesty International), and Witness, an award winning series for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Bosnia, Africa and Central Asia. Later, he brought that mix of documentary storytelling and interactive design to organizations and companies such as GAP, Johnson & Johnson and others.

In 2011 Gary founded Vignette, where he works as our Creative Director, developing narrative and creative strategies for client projects, and also as the lead cinematographer and photographer for most Vignette projects.


Brian Spielman

Producer, Editor

Brian coordinates Vignette’s digital media production and post-production efforts. His years of film and video production experience help ensure that our projects are well-organized and run like a finely tuned machine. He also makes sure we have a lot of fun. His near obsession with efficiency touches every stage of our productions. From pre-production planning to on-location shoots, to post-production and delivery, Brian works to design and refine Vignette’s unique methodology and workflow—something we take very seriously. In the editor’s seat, Brian shows another set of skills and talents, notably his innate ability to pinpoint the essence of the story and to craft compelling narratives that both engage and surprise. He is also our resident gear and tech geek who helps us stay on top of our game.

Brian earned a B.F.A in film and TV from Chapman University.


Dave Joyce

Interactive Designer

David is our interactive design guru and web standardista. As a firm believer that form follows function, his focus is always on finding the most compelling and efficient way to present our content. He is deeply passionate about CSS, web standards, typography and more recently, the emerging discipline of responsive design. He is also a tad smitten with Jonathan Ive. His vision and talents allow us to design and deliver interactive products that help our clients better tell their stories, while also addressing the demands and challenges of an ever-changing media landscape.

David graduated magna cum laude with a B.S. in Information Technology from East Tennessee State University.


Vignette structures its projects based on the filmmaking model. In addition to our core team, we regularly collaborate with a host of talented creatives and artists, including cinematographers, photographers, editors, producers, interactive and graphic designers, writers, and composers, on a project by project basis. If you are interested in bringing your talents to a Vignette project, please send a line or two, along with some samples of your work, to