Building Changes

From Homelessness to Hope

A film and photo essay featuring the stories of families who are successfully transitioning out of homelessness with help from Building Changes.

Building Changes believes everyone deserves the opportunity for a home, a healthy life and a good job. They unite public and private partners to create innovative solutions through expert advice, grant making and advocating for lasting change. Vignettes work was the centerpieces for their major fundraising campaign, as well as being extensively used in their annual report and a variety of awareness raising and promotional collateral.

Short Film

We produced a short film, "From Homelessness to Hope" for the organization's fundraising efforts. This film features some of the voices, faces, and places that benefit from the work of Building Changes and it's partners and it gives these people an opportunity to tell their own stories of transformation.

Photo Library

By shooting both the film and the still photography at the same time we were able to create a body of work that conveyed a consistent visual message across Web and print collateral. This photo library resulted in a consistent look and feel and was also cost effective for the organization.

More Work